Types Of Online Poker Games

Basically, there are tons of different variants of poker games. Some of these are quite popular while others are far less common. Typically, most online casinos offer the popular kind thus players can indulge in the action however much they need to. The best poker games can be played for free by visiting an online poker directory such as https://www.pokerludaos.com. The site is jam-packed with information on where to play games and win real money - all without using your own money. This makes it possible to test a poker room before using your own money to place bets, so visit the site now to get started.

Moreover, these can be played in several different ways. The main distinction is found in cash games; here, money is lost and won on every hand. The other is tournaments, where gamers start with a certain number of chips with the aim to win all. There is also a relatively new version of poker known as speed poker, which is has a much faster pace.

Common Terms Used In A Poker Game

Every game has its own terms that players must learn in order to successfully be part of every action. As such, poker games have their own share of such terms that include:

  • Blinds - This is the money, usually in the form of chips put on the table before the cards are dealt. There are two blinds; small and big, which go round players with every new deal.
  • Ante - The least amount players need to stake in to be part of this game.
  • Call - A call is meant to show that a player is willing to match a new wager.
  • Raise - Used to indicate that a player wishes to raise the table bet.

Texas Hold'em

This particular poker variant is the most well-known across online casinos. Essentially, many gamers indulge in this version in some of the biggest tournaments. In addition, it's among the simplest games thus ideal for beginners.

Omaha High

Just referred to as Omaha, it has great similarities with Texas Hold'em. Fundamentally, it's the second version many folks learn to play after Hold'em. In effect, it has gained popularity within the last few years, given the fact that it's packed with action.

Seven Card Stud

This is another variant of poker games that was quite popular before Texas Hold'em took the spotlight. However, it's still a favorite for many players, but not as popular as it once was. The major downside of this game is that you can see several cards of your opponent.


This one is a little different than what you may be used to. The main objective is to retain the lowest hands instead of the highest in terms of ranks. It may not be as popular as other versions, but most online gambling sites offer it.

Five Card Draw

This happens to be the simplest form of poker; in fact, this could easily be the poker game many folks ever learned and played as they were growing up. Not much strategy is involved compared to the other variants making it suitable for some fun gaming.