Best Miniature Tabletop Games

Warhammer 40,000 is considered as one of the best miniature wargames in the industry today. Also known as Warhammer 40K, this unique tabletop game captured the interest of board game players not just because of its intense gameplay, but also with its wide array of game characters presented in their miniature models. These are tiny models of different character classes which include humans, elves, cyborgs, orcs, and even terrifying creatures.

Aside from the strategizing and critical thinking, Warhammer 40,000 also challenges its players' artistic touch. This game allows them to assemble and design their characters before they even set foot on the game board. Players get to paint these characters on their own preference and style.

But even before they start playing this exciting turn-base strategy game, here are some general information about Warhammer 40K to get them going as they commence a game.

Warhammer 40,000 Basic Gameplay

Players need to assemble first their playing armies before they can start a Warhammer 40K game. Apart from designing and painting them, players should also familiarize themselves on their character details and abilities. These details can be found in an exclusive codex found together the game set. This codex also details other unit details like their compatible gears and equipment, special game rules, and lore details. There are also painting guides and instructions detailed in this additional booklet.

As mentioned, this turn-base game will surely excite its players as they take turns in completing game phases throughout the game. They need to complete four phases to maximize their turns, as well as their characters' potentials. These phases include the Movement, Physic, Attacking or Shooting, and Assault phases. Each phase has varying rules and effects on both players, so they should be mindful of their every move.

There are also additional game objectives and missions in the game which can reward players. These missions are usually detailed on larger rule books e is usually bought separately. Long term players and Warhammer 40,000 enthusiasts can get hold off this rule book to know more about this game.

Experienced players can also try combining different units from various armies to better strategize their gameplay in the battlefield.

Warhammer Fantasy

But before the popularity of Warhammer 40K emerged in the industry, its predecessor is considered as the most influential tabletop game back then - the Warhammer Fantasy game. Warhammer Fantasy was also listed as one of the best miniature war games until today - even though the game is currently being recalled off the market.

This board game featured the classic races of humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, undead, and the forces of Chaos - the ultimate villain of the Warhammer world. These characters have their own skills and abilities which will aid players from winning in this classic board game.

There are also distinct characters who made their mark in the Warhammer Fantasy world - but may also expire together with the board game. These include Josef Bugman and his group of Dwarf rangers, Grand Theogonist Wilheim III or the Warhammer pope, Aenarion or the hero of the elves, Archaon or the bringer of the End Times, and Sigmar Heldenhammer or the sole defender of the Warhammer world.

Other Miniature Tabletop Games

Other than the famous collection of Warhammer games, there are other prominent miniature table top game titles available in the market today. Players can also try Warmachine & Hordes, Bodgers, Monsterpocalypse, and Player 7. All these games are developed and released by one of the known board game production companies in the industry, the Privateer Press.

Privateer Press boasts its collection of role playing games which include board and card games, as well as miniature wargames which have characters available for personalization and designing. This production company aims in producing the best fantasy-themed platforms for the gaming industry - which Privateer Press upholds up until today.

One of its famous releases was Iron Kingdoms which came with several game versions and developments through time. This franchise showcased a different taste and feel on fantasy gaming. It initially introduced the elements of firepower, artilleries, warfare technologies, and steam power which were rarely seen in any fantasy-themed game. But above all these advancements, the conventional miniature game elements like swords and spells, as well as dwarves and elves, were retained and were only developed to suit the modernization of its gaming world.

Another popular miniature tabletop game title in the industry is Dark Age. This game is developed by Cool Mini or Not (CMON) and considered Dark Age as strategic, skirmish-style tabletop game. It currently hosts 10 character models and seven playing factions which can be broken down to sub-factions to maximize their potentials.

Compared with other miniature tabletop games, Dark Age rules and gameplay don't much change if there are new expansions or developments introduced to the main game. Players don't need to secure a new handbook just to get them along with these changes in its interface and models.